Upcoming Remakes That'll Get You Pumped

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They say that there are no new ideas in Hollywood. And to that, we say: good. After all, why waste time coming up with a bad new idea when you can just remake a classic, old, good idea? If something was a hit once, chances are it will be a hit again, which is why Hollywood is currently working on another slew of awesome reboots. Here's a look at some upcoming remakes that will get you pumped…

Little Shop of Horrors | 0:21
The Fly | 1:07
White Men Can't Jump | 2:01
First Blood | 2:29
Charlie's Angels | 3:06
The Cannonball Run | 3:31
Alien Nation | 4:12
Flash Gordon | 4:46
Nosferatu | 5:18
Pet Sematary | 5:52
Logan's Run | 6:19
Highlander | 7:00
Fantastic Voyage | 7:35
Flight of the Navigator | 8:24
Cleopatra Jones | 9:19
West Side Story | 9:50
48 Hrs. | 10:43
Rabid | 11:11

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