How Time Travel Will Affect Marvel's Avengers 4

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What you need to know about time travelling in the new Marvel movie Avengers 4.
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We’ve talked a lot about the fall out from Avengers: Infinity War on this channel. How could we avoid it? Fans of the comics might have expected Thanos to succeed in building that Infinity Gauntlet and killing half of everything in the universe, but most general moviegoers aren’t hardcore comic fans. Most people would have been shocked to see Spider-Man, Black Panther, Doctor Strange and other heroes die in a superhero film, you know, the kind of film where the good guys always win! Somehow, that Snap has to be undone.

In this video, we want to lay out how we think that will happen and it involves time travel. We’ll walk you through what we know of the more out-there mechanics that govern the world of Marvel and combine that with leaked photos and known fan theories to posit that Ant-Man and the Quantum Realm will be key to the Avengers defeating Thanos and crucial to the evolution of the MCU into the foreseeable future!


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